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Welcome to Dr Shafiki’s official website, where you will find voodoo products and services offered by  Shafiki, please be informed that they’re a lot of fake Voodoo Priest, traditional doctors and psychics using Dr Shafiki’s name and products claiming to be ambassadors over seas of Dr Shafiki Ahmed BARKER Sselwanga. Put it in minds that it’s only on this website is where you can find and talk to Dr Shafiki in Africa direct. For any question leave massage on our contact page. Unless otherwise Dr Safiki will not be responsible for any claim as a result of being faked by certain individual for more information see indemnifications.

Who Is Dr Shafiki Ahmed Sselwanga Voodoo Priest?

Dr Shafiki is a natural born traditional healer, spiritual adviser , spells caster, fortune teller tarot card reader with psychical powers like that of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, Dr Shafiki is operating from his father ‘s spiritual house (Tanzania) but due to demand now he is available in three countries ONLY. Including South Africa, Egypt and Tanzania. Shafiki is the first born and successor of his father Aziz Ahmed Barker Sselwanga who famously well known in his work of traditional healing of any disease with foretelling gift through his powerful spirits during his period of life time, Since 1998 Shafiki stood by his father's footsteps together with help of Allah to date he is still crafting powerful spells, practicing witchcraft, offering cleansing rituals, summoning and evoking  his ancestral spirits .

Being successful in helping others who are in needy through herbal healing and his powerful spirits now Shafiki have served more than 24 years communicating with people from 18 countries around the world where most of them are happy in life again.

How Can I Help You?

Day to day life is becoming harder and most of people are disappointed in life, some of them they have lost hope and others they have given up due to their past experiences And hence living in miserable life .You’re going through a lot Wright now let it be financially ,relationship issues, business difficulties, or horrible  disease TO Shafiki it has never been too late leaving your request on  the contact page can be your first step to a fundamental change in your life, even 1000 journey miles starts with one step. Shafiki will always  have an advice or a solution for you.

Dr Shafiki On Love Spells And Its Magic.

Some times it can be difficulty  to be in perfect relationship and believe me all relationships go through ups and downs, You sit every morning thinking and wondering if one day things will ever be normal again  the way you two used to be, but unfortunately  your partner he or she see and think  differently, cheating, coming back home late, not caring about you that is all he is enjoying at the moment.Luckily in situations like that we do still have important people like Dr Shafiki who can help yo craft that unique Love Spells to restore that old relationship and happiness you used to share and have in your early days when you just met.

Love Spells That Really Work

Love Spells seekers are finding difficulties in finding guanine love spells casters who can really craft or chant for them love spells that really work to bring back the ex-lover, Love spells that really work can be completed  by your Native Healer, lost love spells that really work can be chanted by A psychic and still love spells that really work can be done by someone who specialized in love spells magic  and that will be lost love spells caster.Love spells that really work believe me if its done in the wright way , with proper items needed , without abusing or misusing Love spells magic then there is nothing that can stop you from bring your lover back , i mean there is nothing that can hinder that person you used to share a bedroom with  to come back to you. If you have tried already this love spells that really work as an option to get back your lost lover and it didnt help ! then i will suggest to try Dr Shafiki as your last resort probly something went wrong during your magic love spells or the love spells caster you worked with probably were not guanine. But according to my experience love spells that really work will never fail. 

Love Spells That Work fast

Love spells and its magic has degree and capacity some of which most of you love spells seeker doesn't know or a wear of but the   fact is love spells it its magic has a degree of which it can be casted to work very fast Or  to work Later or to take an effect later and all depends  on your intentions as spells seeker, your love spells caster, and your ingredients used in completing your love spells

Some situations in relationship we do have urgent situations that can require love spells that work fast for example when you find out that your partner probably is seeing someone at your back then love spells that really work fast will be needed. Love spells that really work fast is meant to take an effect there and now.Love spells that work fast is supposed to take immediate effect on your subject in that very hour after completing your love magic rituals i will advise if you conduct this type of love spells few days ago or month ago and still waiting for the results then your love spells that really work fast will notwork . or its not the type of love spells you're looking for. In case you got a wrong love spells from psychic love spells caster or magician or Traditional Healer then speak to me for a real love spells that really work very fast.

Leave your Request below Dr Shafiki will respond to you should be less than 24 hrs, Depending on the Que.

Online Love Spells / Wazifa To Bring Husband Home.  

Online Love Spells or wazifa to bring husband home will be conducted on your behalf even without you visiting Mr Rashidi. Online Love Spells to bring him back home are done carefully by an exprienced Native Healer, Through traditional pipe all necessary medicines ( African muthi ) will be smoked on your behalf by Dr Rashidi and Within days your marriage will be back on track. Simply just explain to me briefly your situation on contact form will know which traditional medicines to smoke on your behalf

Love Spells/ Wazifa to Make Your Husband Listen to You.

Order Here Love spell / wazifa to Make Him Listen.Are you married to someone you never listen? Are you in relationship with a husband who always like to take control of the decisions in the house? here is a harm free white magic love spells that can help you to make your husband listen to you and obey and warship you, This love spells will soften the heart of your husband, make him fall in love with over and over again, Having a small trouble with your husband but never listen? Love spells to make him listen to you is the best solution.

Love Spells / Wazifa to Make your Husband Forgiven you.

Find Here A love Spells / Wazifa For Husband forgiveness.Did you do something wrong to your husband and wright now you're regretting everything you did? your husband is threatening to divorce you due to mistake you did? Are you looking forward to save your marriage and put the past behind and move on? this is the type of love spells or a harm free wazifa that will hep you to calm and soften your husband's heart, Love spells your husband to forgive you will make his forget about everything and give him carriage to move on and look forward to save the marriage and raise your children together,

Dr Rashidi will help you with this type of white magic that will calm him down, are you staying far from me but you're in trouble with your husband? order online love spells to make your husband forgive you all rituals will be performed on your behalf and with in 7 days your husband will be back into normal senses as you used to know him before.

Love Spells / Wazifa To Make Your Husband to Be Obsessed With You.

Dr Rashidi Through Strong white magic Spells he can also craft for you a unique Love spell/ wazifa to Help you to make your husband be obsessed sexually, emotionally in love with you. Love spells to make your husband to be obsessed with you its not bad act in marriage because someone of you get it wrong, As long as you're in true love then its not bad at all to make your husband be obsessed with you in fact this is the one away or another to keep your marriage stronger everyday, Are in distance relationship? is your husband comes to you over weekends use a love spells to make him obsessed with you even if he is far away from you he will be missing making love you, thinking about you sexually and fantasizing you emotionally. Leave me with email on contact form Let craft for you a strong white magic love spells that will make your husband stick to you and you only.

Strong Spell to Bring Back a Husband 

Not every spell caster, can chant for you that strong spell to bring your husband back, Strong spell to bring your husband back should be casted or chanted in 3 different ways each session of each spell you conduct currying defferent magic powers towards the subject( your husband) Some spells casters get it wrong here any every spell that you conduct to bring the husband closer are powerful. Most of spells caster they just say but they don't have any idea how to conduct strong spell with enough consistence of energies that can bring a husband back home. Its easy to say but difficult to do most of spells casters once you contact them they will yes will conduct for you a strong spell that will bring him back in NO time but once you pay then something comes up. something happen, day passes, and week goes by still your husband no where to been seen.

Tired of such stories? Looking for strong spell to bring your husband back ? the question here will be who ? how and where did you conduct your magic spell to bring that person back? before selecting someone to help you, you will need to calm down. curry out your own research. be positive, take your time you will find the right person who conduct a good strong spell to bring your husband. Looking for any help ? speak to Rashidi as your last resort let him take control of your situation with enough experience in spiritual world he will help you to complete a strong spell to bring your husband back Leave your request wait respond this could be your first step to test happiness again.

Arabic wazifa / Love Spells to Control a Husband

Before you get married to that special person all your wish and dreams is to get married and be commitment to your lover for the rest of your life eventually to have family together, Only to find out that marriage doesn't seem to be easy as you thought, Good enough gifted people like psychics, spells casters ,priests may have a solution to those who still wish to save their marriages to matter how difficult it could be, As spell caster will help you to save your marriage through some strong marriage spells, Islamic wazifa to control a husband .Love spells to control a husband, voodoo magic to restore old love and many others,

Some husbands once they put a ring on you they  could think its over and they tend  to behave strangely which they didn't do before when you were still dating , treating you like trash, cheating with different women, coming back late daily, hanging out with friends, basically not time for you, stop all that crap cast a love spells that will help you to control your husband, restore that old romance he used to show you when you were still dating, Mr Rashidi will chant for you a strong wazifa/ voodoo love spell to control him leave your request explain your situation briefly let the matter restore your happiness.Order Here Strong peaceful Love Spells to control your husband

Wazifa / Spells To Make My Husband Obey Me.

Islamic wazifa / magic spells will or can help you to fix your marriage if you conduct it properly with good intentions, Some husbands are really behaving badly in their marriages and if you just sit on yourself pretending to watch the space giving him time nothing good will come out only you to be hurt and eventually being divorced.

Islamic magic Spells has been used by many cultures to save relationships thought its originated from Egypt but to date many people around the world are practicing this peaceful religious magic.

Wazifa Spells can be used in may different situations of that is we your husband no-longer listening to you, treating you badly , cheating on you, threatening to divorce you getting rid of black magic and many more, if you're the one who still believe in your marriage, if you still need to give him a second chance , if you think your marriage can still work out then free advise conduct wazifa spells on him to obey you, listen to you , change his minds, love you back again , take care of you and save your marriage, Mr Rashidi will help you to complete this religious magic spells if all done well expect your results with in 7 days. Leave your request explain briefly your situation Mr Rashidi will respond to you as soon as possible should take 24 hrs.

Love Spells / Wazifa To Stop Husband From Cheating

Today marriages are facing a lots of problems and what stands out of all is husband cheating. once your husband cheats you feel betrayed, stuck, heartbroken and desperate to solve this love triangle. In situations you will look like a looser but in Dr Rashidi's eyes will be A winner again.   Just calm down Cast a love spell that will stop your husband from cheating. Dr Rashidi from his tempo he will chant on your behalf a strong love spells white magic that will be redirected to the spirit of your husband reminding him his vows and promises he promised on your wedding day and in doing so he will never think any other women beside you his wife,

And in addition to the above love spells to stop your husband from cheating can also be used to control the feelings of your husband, if this powerful love spells to stop him from cheating is done properly he will never have man-power with any other person besides you(wife) if he tried to cheat. other words his penis and man-powers are tired by on you      

In summing up: Any love spells to be conducted on your husband will work and be effective as long as you conduct it with right ingredients, with the right helper ( spells caster) , don't just sit down  and watch your husband treat you like a puppet speak to Dr Rashidi craft a harm free white magic love spells that will put him where you want him to be, cast a strong love spells on husband via online in case you're far from Dr Rashidi all necessary rituals will be performed on your behalf.  At my tempo no discrimination all colors,

Dr Shafiki On Gay/ Lesbian Love Spells.

Gay / lesbian love spells are white pure peaceful love spells magic meant to reunite, bring peace, companion and joy between the two lovers of the same gender. Gay lesbian love spells don't  have any harm to the spells seeker neither the subject. you can have different types of gay or lesbian love spells depending on your desires, intentions and reasons why you need this kid of a love spell. 

Gay Lesbian Love Spells That Attract Someone New.combo3png

Gay lesbian love spells are not exceptions here to attract someone new to any other types of love spells. gay lesbian love spells does the same in attract people. It can be used in bringing new different people towards you of which among those you will select the one who you think can meet your desires ,goals and of course your heart and feellings. Attraction Gay lesbian love spells will be crafted on your behalf that will bring new someone in case you have been lonely for long time, and you cant really find that special person to fulfill that space in your heart. Gay lesbian love spells to attract new person can also be chanted on you in case you have been in relationship but its over and you cant really  seem to move on and find someone new. in other words you have no luck yet when it comes to relationships, Attraction gay lesbian love spells can be requested also if you have someone you have being seeing for quite while now but you're scared of approaching that person, you fear to be rejected and you think may be that person is high class than you! I say No let the gay lesbian attraction love spells do the do for you. Once gay lesbian love spells are done successful that will approach you within days asking you if there is possible of you and him or her to have a relationship. Attraction gay lesbian love spells can be casted on someone whose not gay or lesbian but you have an interest in that person. Just let me know look no further Attraction gay lesbian love spells will be the wright love spells for you. Whatsapp your request Now.


Voodoo gay/ lesbian love spells  are not normally common and its difficult to find a voodoo priest either online or by your areal who can craft a voodoo gay / lesbian love spells. to cast any voodoo spells either its a voodoo gay / lesbian love spells. either its a normal voodoo love spells or any type of voodoo spell you have to be a voodoo practitioner. with voodoo gay/ lesbian love spells its always crafted with care in a special way since it deals with two spirits of the same sex and in most cases these spirits always have same characters, voodoo gay/ lesbian love spells can be casted only on the situations where its worse for example when your partner says to you that its over, or does he or she doesn't not want to see or talk to you anymore. the magical voodoo dolls will be used to represent both of you during the rituals of chanting your voodoo gay/ lesbian love spells, so if these voodoo spells are re-directed on female both voodoo dolls must be female and like wise to the male.Not all situations you do face currently needs voodoo gay/ lesbian love spells some situations can be treated with normal love spells like love me only love spells, love spells with picture, or binding love spells, my advise should be if you're not sure whether  you need a voodoo gay lesbian love spells to settle your relationship, talk to me first explain to me briefly what you're going through then i will see if voodoo gay / lesbian is necessary or not.

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