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Do you feel betrayed? are you threaten by your  lover to leave you am sure you're scared to be alone , you cant let your boyfriend girlfriend ago just like that, you cant stand your wife husband divorcing you ? those are the situations i personal will recommend  you to turn into voodoo magic for urgent help. Casting LOST LOVE SPELLS on your lover its not a crime and its not like you're hurting someone NO! some people say casting love spells its to control someones free will spiritually  here you got it wrong because one of the main principles of love spells is that Love spells don't force. Definitely there is noway you will cast a successful love spells on your lover when that person is not in love with you. So i will highly recommend if your lover left and you still need to fix your relationship you're free to cast a lost love spells that will bring that person back to you because you're not forcing him or her to fall in love with you but you just broke up due to some circumstances.

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