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There is no spell caster, magician, priest or shamanism  whose guaranteed that your spell will work remember this is crafted magical powers and charms controlled by nature so its either you believe in it and cast one or you rather leave it once and find other solutions for your  situation ,whoever in the combination of Genuine  spells , matching ingredients used and good interpretation of your instructions given by your helper love spells to work chances are  85%

 There factors that can contribute to the performance of your spell and some are controllable others are non controlled.

1. Nature factor.

Since center of earth is the source of energy that will direct your magic to the targeted person some  spells tend to be casted depending on time, month or a year for-resistance half moon spells, cleansing  spells,and all healing spells and others are normally casted, when the moon is half, in that case when you conduct your spells when the moon is not in the wright possible position your spells is more likely not to work or to work very late when you have even forgotten and about it and there is nothing you can do about it because you cant change the movement circle of the moon.

2. Honest of the seeker in spells

Always a client must be honest to the spells caster. some client tend to bit around the bush not being specific to the problem and this will result into casting a wrong spells to the wrong situation and of course that write result into no results.

3. Fake spells casters

  Today a lot of peoples in magazines, newspapers, online, or around your area try or pretend to be spells casters but before selecting your spell caster make sure he/ she is Guinean unless other wise you will be among those saying spells does not work .

4 Belief of the seeker in spells

Once the seeker is not believer in magical work then there is no need of wasting time and casting a spell. spells always goes with your believe as seeker the more you believe is the more your spell will take effect to the targeted person. so be careful first believe in magic then try one spell after.

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